Human Resources

We identify human resources as the leading factor determining the existence and development of our company, so we always focus on investing in training and developing human resources.

1. Professional teams in management, supervision, human resources and financial accounting always follow the motto:  “REPUTATION, QUALITY, EFFICIENT” as the guideline for all activities.

2. A team of specialized engineers are highly trained with many years of practical and creative experience along with a force of skilled and experienced technical workers who are regularly trained to improve and update their knowledge. , new technology, all work together with a high sense of responsibility, honesty, enthusiasm and progress, always aiming for quality, safety, health and environment goals for sustainable development .

Equipment resources

In parallel with the development of human resources, our company also focuses on investing in the purchase of new, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment and advanced technologies to improve productivity and product quality. Especially at the beginning of 2020, Thinh Tien Dat boldly invested in advanced CNC machine systems, along with upgrading the machinery systems at Factory 1 and Factory 2, to help the production and manufacturing of new products, details, and machinery components achieve really high accuracy and meet the requirements of customers.